Title:  Time and time again

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  time destiny story hands curiosity

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time and time again
strangely awake during sleep
too hard to understand
wandering in a hazy deep
where my wildest dreams are present
but frozen in a shadows play
with soft hands moving at the end
unquiet visions recollect my destiny
whisper to enjoy day and night
thoughts all a glow on the way
the bright eyes of a living memory
recommend to look ahead
and challenge time to tell
the story of never turn around
to please solitary moments to forget
whistle the one tune to not regret
cite a poem that might be as well
a touch spreads tales of curiosity
to serve the beginning of a new demand
the freedom to be beyond sanity
in a place where only birds could dwell
time and time again

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