Title:  I know, you know

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Love
Keywords:  know time you emotional mind love

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you know, I need to talk to an empathic somebody
but where are you?
you know, I am not another silly nobody
but why wouldn’t you?
you know, I am not a knight on a white horse
dressed in shining charm
you know, I am not a casanova personification
in stead I was often mocked in a teenage realm
you know, I have been looking for recognisation
being a wandering soul with a deceived remorse
who stares at the brochures of esthetic wonders
you know, I am used to stand alone and giving it all away
to avoid another desolate fear
you know, I am running around in a broken circle
hoping to find a solution for an emotional conspiracy
you know, I drape my daily simple riddles subtile
when I race towards the richocet of you, my dear
you know that your warm silhouette behind a soft silk curtain
undresses me nervously in a revved up mind
you know, I am clutched between love and hate
when my feelings are to blind to understand
where do I go from here when left behind
and find somebody to mend my shattered debate
you know, there is no more to know
when the dazzling colours of a dawn afterglow
remember me that it is time to go
I know, you know

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