Title:  Encounter

Author:   dante1208
Category:   Inspirational
Keywords:  Inspirational, Reflection, Hope, Allegory

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I have come,
To provide a sky,
Among dancing corpses;

Rather than shadows give,
Such a metallic seed,
And make believe,
There would be a tree;

I have seen you,
Singing in the temple,
Whereas no one enters,
Unless their mask would be stripped off;

A purple orchid and an orange torch,
Can easily spare some Beauty,
Among Gentiles,
If they're willing to survive one night,
By giving up their crimes;

In which I smell incense no more,
For the air is full of lame coins;

I do believe,
There is a light,
At the end of the corridor,
In which,
Your eyes and mine shall create,
A Tower,
Whereas the Blind can find,
An ambrosial Sign.

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