Title:  Make the most of this

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Love
Keywords:  love most kiss warm charm

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I must make the most of this
no longer on the street like an old tramp
begging for a warm kiss
avoiding to step into another well perfumed swamp
and fool myself that love isn't everything
untill a new morning has broken
unpleased to be here with a bit of nothing
the broken rhythm of my love fairytale unspoken
carefully disguised in the smile of my wise lady
who tells me softly with profound confidence
a breathtaking story of what will always be
turning into a dancing female silhouette
who drowns me in everydays etiquette
during a long starlit winternight
with a here and now sleepy calm
undressing in mesmerizing blind charm
with the beauty of a butterfly's mortal flight
recognised by sweet lips lingering
unquenched by withered imagination
twinkling in perfectly shaped bright eyes
telling me to abondon my paranoid uprises
and look beyond my comfortable expectation
startled in a momentary kiss of life
the unfinished story of my perfect wife
telling me to make the most of this

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