Title:  From My Heart

Author:   Rextremens
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  Heart

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Everyday is a new day until it's not,
I've found,
Minding my own business causes draught,
I hear a sound,
Ever bound to a myriad of memories,
Entities of matter and mass producing levities,
Remember me,
And the times I tried to please you,
Tried to read you,
Needed to need you,
I believed you when you said,
"I pled until I bled",
Surrounding each other's hearts and heads,
That's when I said,
"I'll love you until my heart stops dead",
Anyhow my memory's a faded letter now,
Take a bow,
Your performance earned you a place in the stars,
Take the scars that you bear and depart,
From my mind,
From my life,
From my heart.

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