Title:  Rain Stay Away

Author:   Rextremens
Category:   Learning
Keywords:  Rain

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The rain stays,
But my mind escapes,
Those wandering days are far behind me now,
Those crooked ways,
Which I pledged by,
Are now a reminder of what I let die,
Surging through fingerling foliage,
I've come to believe one thing,
That those sundry times I've enjoyed,
Were never a pleasure in the least,
What a beast of burden I've bared,
But I'm not scared anymore,
Of those washed up noises swept to my shore,
It's only a reminder of who I was,
This old thing,
Never a flinching thought,
In a time most distraught,
But a cause for my soul now to sing,
"Rain stay away" now I say,
But the truth is,
I want it to stay.

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