Title:  A child’s ouverture

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  inside child silent heart

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To wear mature worries inside out
and laugh away a rendez vous with sorrow
for crying out loud
fill that cold shadowless hollow
with a bright smiling face
awakening a sound of silent thunder
carefully trespassing on
into an everlasting hunger
for a fruitful apprentice relationship
flawlessly lingering on
like a maiden trip
unaware to slip in a sudden curve
with an urge to come back on track
a simple knowing how to behave
bravely whispering not to turn back
and be tricked by past echoes overhead
never more ready to keep a sound distance
and look for a clear head
a last resort towards pure existence
and to carry mature worries inside out
for crying out loud
in fact, it is always one of these days
a daily invitiation to look beyond
and avoid outdated signposted ways
guided by a roaring delicate destiny
of unfamiliar passage ways
to surprise a predictable biography
hidden for each mature
in the heart of a child's ouverture

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