Title:  Funny Are The Paths...

Author:   AudreyMaxwell
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Life, Youth

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Young, excited, terrified and daring,
Recent conversations filled with lust and caring,
Ironic that this happened when I'm just about to leave,
Funny are the paths that us fragile, human beings weave.

Life events can force us to wander,
About life, people, faith and wealth,
Which is important material or health?
Caught up in what others may think,
Perhaps in comparison with what we actually want to do,
Funny are the paths that us human beings choose.

Take a chance, be positive and these opportunities embrace,
Savouring the moment is impossible when life itself seems to be a race,
Everyone competing, comparing and complying,
Everyone appears genuine, your friend but deep-down they're lying,
The popular ones are after the ugliest inside,
Picking faults with those who are actually genuine and good,
Amplifying insecurities which show on the outside,
Funny are the paths that - right or wrong - we walk along.

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