Title:  .. waiting..

Author:   Yaxara
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  patience, I, time, wait,

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One piece falls from the sky
....wait.. but please wait.. here comes the next
they say patience is a virtue
Time no longer exist when thy heart searches

To suffer my friend, is not easy
Let thy heart bring every emotion to surface
thy flame must keep burning, without the light we walk in darkness.. your guide is your heart

I wait every day... time is precious...embrace
your time...it is now, A beautiful gift in which cannot be reversed...
and this is what I say...

Show me the light O lord for I wait every day
I wake up to feel your presence.. in my dreams, in my waking state.. in the wind that blows my direction.. in the waters of your ocean.. under the energetic sun.. the moon that guides and lights my night.. under the stars ever so bright.. in the temple of CALM.. in your I AM presence.. in your word I read before I sleep...

I wait each morning and night..

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