Title:  If I Were Dad

Author:   poembeast115
Category:   Children
Keywords:  dad

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If I were dad I’d be happy
I’d also be very snappy
Every time here and there
Sometimes I forget my underwear
My wife and I have a blast
Soon I break my leg and get a cast
In the mornings I take my showers
And watch my show thinking I have super powers
Every time I go to work
I like to wear my favorite shirt
When I come home for dinner I say “what’s the food”
But at the table my sons are very rude
One day I was building a tree house
In my pants was a big mouse
Now I’m a grandfather
To entertain myself I bought a fire starter
My wife and I like to bake
We saw a garden snake
Well my life is finished
But I had a dream
That’s now diminished.

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