Title:  Cross - roads...?

Author:   Senita
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  Subconscious, Reasoning, Visions

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On this Night with Burial Silence…
A lamps Light seems like Blasphemy.

Moments before going to sleep
Your Mind is going trough
What must I do tomorrow List.

Something whispers in the Dark.

Be without Fear.
It’s only your Subconscious speaking.
As you Dream while Awake,
Or Swear or Chant Mantras
Of Your Desires in You…

You are a Sad Creature
If without that Need.

Don’t want to be Passive
Don’t want to be just Anybody.

Don’t know Who You want to Be
Don’t know how to Discover it.

You know You want to Succeed
Or is this
What They tell You.

This is Life’s
Logically plausible Solution
That Connects every Reasoning
With Thinking, Cognition, and Intellect.

Ultimate Desire
Must be
(Says every psychology Book)

Have You had enough Visions for One Night?

Still did they say...
In 3 billion years The Sun will be Gone.
In 5 billion years so will Our Galaxy.
In 7 billion years there will be no Stars.

In its Vacuum the Universe will continue to expand.
Without You.
Without All of Us.

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