Title:  black eyed worcester in the sun

Author:   grunge
Category:   Family
Keywords:  black eye worcester in the sun, violent femmes

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there's a little placed called worcester
she's filled with hopes and dreams
with a friendly neighbor at every corner
but a smiles not always as it seems
happiness is hard to come by
and life impossible to find
there's a season full of summer
but the sun refuses to shine
if you stop and ask a local
they all wished to be more
but the small town mentality
has them chained to their own floor
where are they all going ?
and why do they choose to hurry ?
perhaps a better question
is why are their eyes so blurry ?
there's a skeleton in every closet
and a ghost in each bathroom
my suggestion, keep running
less you be sucked in by it's vacuum
good bye to my home town, and while i do love to visit
my favorite part is leaving, if not for my family, i definitely wouldn't miss it

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