Title:  The Story of Girl and Boy

Author:   karaispurple
Category:   Memories
Keywords:  Pain smile abstract love a story boy and girl melt

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Girl holds boy tightly in her arms.
His pain resonates through every pore.
I can’t do this anymore, he whispers.
She tightens her arms, afraid that if she lets go,
Even a little,
He will slip away from existence.
Eventually she drifts into a dream.
She awakes to the feeling of a salty liquid.
With a soggy face, and throbbing brain,
She watches as he melts right through her grasp,
There’s no antibiotic for this kind of pain.

After collecting her thoughts and wiping her tears,
Girl mops up boy from the floor.
She cries as she puts his salty remains
In a jar on her bedside table.
“It’s for the best” boy had once said.
He had finally melted out of her grasp,
An uncontrollable, undesirable outcome.
Girl looks at the jar of salty ooze,
Wondering if his heart was inside,
After a while, She smiles, and labels the jar: boy.

Comments on "The Story of Girl and Boy"
Posted by RianPitan on July 02, 2012
Great poem! I love your imagery. It's like a cross between a Salvador Dali painting and a Mad Hatter tea session. Your other two poems are wonderful as well. Thanks for joining and please keep writing and sharing!