Title:  Pessimist

Author:   BSASSEE
Category:   Angst
Keywords:  Sorrow, self loathing

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They tell you to be grateful, I've tried
See everyone content, I cried
This life I love to live, I lied
Jealousy and envy, suffering and pain, I replied

Do you know how it feels to have your soul stolen and mutilated?
I could take the time to explain, but it's complicated
All the advice I can't even fade it
Filled with discontent and it's perpetuated

Drowning my intestines in poisonous lava
Bring it on, I want all that drama
Man after man, friend after friend, I need to end this saga
That bitch rearing her head once again in the end, say hello to karma

You give what you get that's what the old folks say
But I've given my whole being when will it be my day
Used and abused, taken advantage of, I say
This seems to be the only way

It's time to make a change
Scenery, environment, all that's strange

Make way for positivity
But will it make room for me?

Comments on "Pessimist"
Posted by poembeast115 on November 01, 2012
Love the idea and thought into this:)

Posted by Colebunny55 on July 08, 2012
I absolutely love this poem. This is one my top ten list.

You really do have a way with words. c:

Posted by piunik on July 05, 2012
i agree with Just.A.Girl this poem is written in such away that it leaves me on the edge of my seat waiting for more

Posted by BSASSEE on June 28, 2012
Thank you. I plan to!

Posted by Just.A.Girl on June 28, 2012
What I like about this poem is that it makes me want to know more. It makes me want to listen. Not really sure if that makes sense... but you did a great job. Please continue sharing!

Posted by BSASSEE on June 24, 2012
Thank you.

Posted by mherrmann14 on June 24, 2012
Great poem. I love the flow and you are right. When happiness becomes scarce it is time for a change.