Title:  I Found a Friend

Author:   fostercare
Category:   Friendship
Keywords:  friend

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One year I found a friend.
Who I came to trust, admire and hang around.
There was advice if there was a need.
I’m glad I found such a friend.
For there is caring in this friend.
Who I respect so very much.

I wish thee good to the end.

November 12, 1974

Comments on "I Found a Friend"
Posted by EJo38 on October 05, 2012
I love anything to do with friendship. Friends are the things that make life possible. They make it easier for you when you go through rough times. They always listen. They're always there for you. I think I'ver just been inspired to write my own friendship poem. Thank you for that :-) beautiful poem, just beautiful.

Posted by Just.A.Girl on January 17, 2012
Very simple and sweet =]

Posted by RianPitan on May 27, 2011
Very nice! It maid me think of the dearest of friends that I have had throughout my life.