Title:  solitary tear

Author:   grunge
Category:   Children
Keywords:  crybaby poem, solitary tear

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i cried last night, and as the tear rolled down my cheek ,
she whispered obscenities and words i won't repeat.
it was a single tear, and though she didn't roll far
she made quite the imprint, an undeniable scar.
a mark on my face , a blemish for the world to see
some say words don't hurt , i vehemently disagree
after one tear many more followed as i lay there broken and helpless ,
where do you get off attacking me , when did you become so selfish ?
laying there trying to hold it in , my brain shouts " what's the use ? "
ultimately my heart caves in , mutilated by the abuse
i console myself with solace ,
but discover it's in vain ,
i cried last night ,
and this morning still felt pain

Comments on "solitary tear "
Posted by grunge on October 30, 2012
thank you sir, your kind words are much appreciated . thanks for reading

Posted by RianPitan on July 02, 2012
Wow, Grunge! This poem is beautiful. It's tragic and so horrificly sad but at the same time purely beautiful in it's honest directness. This may be your finest poem thus far! Thank you for sharing.