Title:  Abandon

Author:   AuraofConfusion
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  Reflection, Change, Free-Verse, Past, Future, Growth

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It's in moments like these I'm caught up in reckless
Mind shifting, bending thoughts that ravage me
Pecking at my every word like they are puzzle pieces put in to place
In the wrong order.
The wrong phrasing.
Like so many memories left behind unfinished and bound together
With fishing line and barbed wire
Hooks and daggers
Mirrors and glass
They're hard to look at but, I guess I do it from time to time
Written in red lipstick on them, your name appears
Telling me to not fuck up
Don't break this glass,
Don't step on this head stone
Don't knock over this watering can
Because you know the girl who carries it is watching
And the memories of what have been before
The reckless ones
They are exactly where you'll find the courage to wander in her gaze.

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