Title:  In Fact, This is How Much I Hate You

Author:   AuraofConfusion
Category:   Angst
Keywords:  Anger, Frustration, The Human Condition, Dreams, Reality, Hatred, Reflection, Nature, Royalty, Humanity, Soul,

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I'm so lonely in a world in between
What is reality, what is fake and who is a dream?
A figment of true life and imaginary death
A passing of time through the eyes of a dreamer
And someone completely unrelated, though important.
I'm so blind to my own actions
Yet so self aware
That I've left body and soul behind in search for what we might call true
And to discern from real what is not
And concern myself among stars and particles
And so many wasted seconds
And souls.
Many many souls.
It has been years since I've felt this
To feel again so wasted and withered by who I am
And what is really here underneath
My grasp
My perception
My reality...
Just a figment of what is to be in later life
What I choose to be my own
True Reality.
My Reality.
Fuck dreams, who needs them?
A waste of memory for the weak to interpret in to a truer form
The mind plays us all for fools
And you are a jester in motley whilst
I sit a high seat...
Not on thrones or on chairs but on clouds and in lightning
In everything you are never to be
Because I am reality
And you are a dream.
I live to segregate you from myself
And I am bound to succeed.
If only the human in me would let me just
Tear myself away.
Be free to exist, unperturbed
By the likes of dim and philosophically ignorant pre-fabricated carbon copy lifeforms.
Like you.
Just... like... you.

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