Title:  Descent, or: Creationism in Motion

Author:   AuraofConfusion
Category:   Spiritual
Keywords:  Creation, Realization, Self-Acceptance, Destruction, Self-Destructive Behavior

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Through the stones of some sort of grace I fall endlessly entrapped by queer encounters of mystic shapes and sorceries that guide my descent through fire and fury forwards; toward my demise at the hands of the elements of old and new, souls of enticing beauty and eloquence like none seen before my time. Creation through the eyes of someone who cannot but destroy himself.

Comments on "Descent, or: Creationism in Motion"
Posted by JustUhNotherSoul on July 31, 2012
I can connect with your form of expression unfiltered and unstructured

Posted by AuraofConfusion on July 06, 2012
Thanks for the input. I try not to filter too much of my thoughts when writing. It makes it feel, to me, more organic. More a part of who I am. If I sat down and knit picked I would feel I'm pulling myself apart. I'm very glad you liked it and I will keep you advice in mind for future reference.

Keep an eye out for future poems. I'm writing a lot lately. Haha.

Posted by RianPitan on July 06, 2012
Another great poem, Aura! I personally think that it flows a little sweeter with the phrase "eloquence and beauty" instead of the other way around...just a minor suggestion. Since you wrote it as a run-on try reading it straight through without taking a breathe. It has an interesting effect on the subject matter!

Posted by AuraofConfusion on July 05, 2012
Run-ons are fun...