Title:  Almost done

Author:   Colebunny55
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  Math, Concentration, PMSing, My Orginal

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So many mistakes in so much lead,
I think this answer was already said.

My paper is crinkled and is all scrunched up,
my brain is melting like peanut butter cup.

My hand aches and can think no more,
My eyes shoot over to the open door.

I look down, and then my heart drops,
My brain is heated and is about to stop.

I scribble more, and I'm finally done;
I got the answer to question one.

Now, onto question two...

Comments on "Almost done"
Posted by Colebunny55 on July 09, 2012
I know, I meant for it to be a little easy and simple; rather than so serious ^^. but thankyousomuch c:

Posted by Chriscowa1 on July 08, 2012
It seems a little easy to me. Rhymes are predictable at places. That's just my taste :p