Title:  No sound.

Author:   supineplath
Category:   Friendship
Keywords:  sound

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Saw you down by the docks,
could have sworn you were there.
I watched for awhile and faded away
but you swore you saw me too.
You almost jumped but I thought
grabbing you'd be the best thing to do.
I should have let you fall, let you reflect, let you wonder.
Being the savior is something you aspire to do,
it never occured to me, that wasn't my job.
Now that I'm wrapped up
in the winds of the water,
You let me go again.
Should have seen it coming.
Should have seen it coming.
Next time I see you sitting I'll just walk away. Not stare. Not speak.
I will keep to myself and keep the earth
under my feet.
Right now I don't want to hear a sound.
Just want to keep the thoughts out of my mouth.
Worry only about whats phasing me
and dazing me.
Walk along the ground and not hear a sound.

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