Title:  Naive

Author:   supineplath
Category:   Angst
Keywords:  stay

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It's hard to think you're free.
But this time I hope you know there's no guarantee.
Facing the facts is sometimes to hard to handle.
One day I want it so bad.
The next day I'd do anything to get you away.
Now its sure to come true and all I can do is say please stay.
You can change the way you think of things,
change the way you look at life.
But please don't change me into a perspective.
We couldn't be closer but in an instant it could be broken.
Some days I just feel like this was meant to happen a long time ago.
Everyone saw it coming. I never did. Now that its hear I can't wait for this.
I can't wait. As long as I hold my emotions for the time being,
be happy with you when I least want to,
I know it helps. I know it helps. You turn around and are so happy you are alive.
But If I speak what I truly feel you hate it. Faking is something I never wanted to do,
but sometimes its necessary. I can't wait for this. You're worth it.

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