Title:  The Lights.

Author:   supineplath
Category:   Love
Keywords:  the lights

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If you could only... see the lights.
Because when they're gone,
they won't be on until who knows when.
The winter will be dark without them.
They've been dimming slowly,
about to fade.
I just wanna save you.
I want you to save, the lights.
They once shone so bright.
Illuminating everything, making life so bright.
You wanted to be blinded so bad.
Well it happened to me.
Now I only wish for you to be as blind as me.
But you ask, what life is that.
Sometimes being blind is all you need to get through this life...
when you're blinded from faults it makes life ten times better.
but when you're blinded from love it makes it ten times worse.

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