Title:  Disembark

Author:   supineplath
Category:   Love
Keywords:  Disembark

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As they say all good things must come to an end,
it was nice to know you my friend.
I saw the real you and the fake you all in one draw
your smile hurts my insides it is so infectious
so tomorrow I might just jump over and try to survive.
How could I be so naive and think I'm immature?
I don't know how I can be so sure.
half days all days and sunrises too
makes me oh so closer to you.
I know you keep your cool all around me and them
but no you can't see that I see you're scared and unsure
I know you only've known me for some short time
but Its been a pleasure calling you mine,
mine in a sense of having your attention,
mine is a sense of being in your mention,
mine in a sense that I'm a top priority,
mine in a sense that you've been my privlidge.
I can't say I've had the feeling of shaking and quivering before I see you
same time same night same feeling
I've never seen someone see the best in me, especially because I'm being only me.
something that'd not catch your attention, maybe drive you up a wall, thats all that caused you to call.
every little word caused a laugh at both ends, those little memories that makes it hard to mend.
as I sit here and wait and wonder what happens from here on out, I'm scared out of my mind.
laughing about the times we signed, the times spent laughing over my best friend,
who felt the same but was just out of grasp,
although I'm right there with this, and maybe an inch away for life.
but what if that inch is just a might,
come home with me now. please I'm begging of you,
come here and I'll make a moment with you
please see the things that are oh so new to you,
just experience what you won't after I'm gone.
Will I feel this once my high of you is gone? Please tell me no because the nights feel so long
I listened to my sorrow to get me through the night,
this extreme infatuation that kills me tonight.
Please do what makes you feel right, don't live without sense,
live in your wildness that makes me fall in love with you,
you do you and I'll do me,
but please can we just meet in harmony?
so our disembark disembark,
will be never again.

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