Title:  Condescending

Author:   supineplath
Category:   Angst
Keywords:  Condescending

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When mindful push comes to shove, help me escape from myself.
The worst of me is coming out, but I'm the only one who can see it.
I'm being told how to react and its not fitting together like I thought it would.
When I have the world in front of me, and now in my hand, I throw it away to a distant land.
My head is a world within itself where no one is satisfied unless they have what they shouldn't.
Can't you all be satisfied with the perfect plan in front of you?
Please tell me this is a sign of an error, or help it to solve itself in front of me.
I want this to be it, and the only thing I think of.
But I can't figure out why I feel a condescending feeling of regret and selfishness.

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