Title:  The Believer

Author:   AuraofConfusion
Category:   Spiritual
Keywords:  Religion, Counter Society, Domination, Madness, Symbolism

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Fucked up, he stands by the edge of some pool
Looking over edge and onto islands toward the sea
And points with one hand and one eye at the sky
Babbling nonsense like a foul mouthed sailor story teller
"Here to fall apart" say the locals
He's here to fall apart
He's here to do the devil's deed and leave and leave
And leave he shall in to the water
At the candle's flicker they watch him fall like a sparrow
Clipped and deloused and thrown in to the air
By someone careless and heartless
And completely dehumanized
The water slips around him like a gown
The night gown of a lost soul and a God he barely knew
Until now he thought it was funny and now they run in terror
As the gown turns from water to fire
The world engulfed by a man they knew as mad
One eye and one hand to rule an island
In a sea of black.

Comments on "The Believer"
Posted by supineplath on July 12, 2012
Damn. great work.