Title:  I Continued

Author:   fostercare
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Thoughts, Life

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Are you listening.
Am I refusing to hear,
The screams inside me fighting to get out.
Suppressed behind a locked door.

Behind your back I say fuck you,
Call you ass hole, tell you to go to hell.
But do I mean it?
At times I want to strike out.

It’s scary; Will I be like him?
He’s so angry, a waste of life.
I wish he was dead.
Life would be easier not to process his thoughts.

Do I really get what I want.
If you don’t ask you’ll never know.
To be interpreted correctly, is the fear.
I mean well, but life is strange.

I’ve hit a wall and need help to push me over.
The stomach turns in anger,
Reminding me to let go.
Your too serious!

June 16, 1990

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