Title:  Fighter

Author:   Steph630
Category:   Inspirational
Keywords:  Strength, Inspiration

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Everyday brings a new challenge
A new journey I must endeavor
As difficult as it may be,
I feel myself dig deep inside,
Putting my heart and soul into these difficult tests
Knowing full well that while it may shake me,
Its not gonna break me
Although this adversity will shake my foundation
I will not let these walls fall
It will not destroy what I have spent a lifetime building
Nothing will keep me from having undying faith
Knowing God has bestowed upon me an incredible gift,
A gift of immeasurable inner strength
Strength that defies man's ultimate physical strength
Even when I am fatigued of fighting every battle,
The spark inside of me faithfully ignites each time
Like a phoenix, I rise from the ashes
Feeling rejuvenated and ready for what lies ahead
Remembering one truth,
God doesn't give me nothing I can't handle

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