Title:  Believe

Author:   Steph630
Category:   Inspirational
Keywords:  Believe, Faith

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There are challenges around every corner
Some will be triumphed with ease,
While others will take a little more courage and resilience
Its important to remember to be strong,
Not to give up no matter how hard the challenge
What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger
Always believe in the Power of Prayer and God Almighty,
Never lose faith
God gives us tests
Not to break us but to encourage us,
To embrace our inner strength and unleash it
When desperate times call for desperate measures,
Just look deep inside,
Believe in the Lord as you look to him for guidance,
Hope and pray for things to get better
Have faith in yourself to be strong,
Not only for yourself but those around you
Never forget that love is always the way
Just Believe

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