Title:  I Am Me

Author:   Steph630
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Self, Pride

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I am not tall,
I am small
I am not thin,
I am thick
I care more for my inside beauty than the outside
I am Mexican-American
I Am Me

I love to express myself,
Through laughter and tears
I have strong belief,
In love, hope, and faith
I love to be inspired,
With hopes of inspiring others
I Am Me

I love my friends,
Constantly sharing and creating everlasting memories
I love my family,
Learning about old times and experiencing new times
I Am Me

I seek solace in our savior,
Knowing full well he is the reason
The reason for my existance
His ultimate sacrifice,
Blessed me with safe passage
Into this world,
In his own image
I Am Me

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