Title:  The Prettiest Mother in the World

Author:   thePoetess
Category:   Family
Keywords:  mother

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I wrote this in 1992, when my mother was going under surgery for cancer. She is now 91 and a half and cancer-free.

Her face is no longer smooth,
it is lined by time.
Even if she no longer looks the same,
she is still that dear mother of mine.

She has always given of herself to me,
nothing was I ever denied.
She laughed when I laughed,
she comforted me when I cried.

There is no one like her,
I don't think there will ever be.
No one means as much to me,
as she.

To me, it doesn't matter what she looks like,
I guess it is a matter of pride.
For the things that make her the most beautiful,
are the things she has inside.

Comments on "The Prettiest Mother in the World"
Posted by hugheson on July 22, 2012
i like that great poem my mom died of cancer in in 2006 i know what you mean my mom had a grat heart good job

Posted by Potterhead on July 20, 2012
I really like this one, it shows the love and appreciation you have for your mother. Great job.

Posted by Human_Espresso on July 19, 2012
May she live even longer.
I think the love you got for her will keep her around for more.
Nice poem.