Title:  Demons of Hell

Author:   Potterhead
Category:   Angst
Keywords:  Suicide, Death, Devil

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Down the pier I walk,
as I stare into the eyes of death.
There's no more time for talk,
as I take my last breath.
Into the deep sea I plunge,
no more time to change my mind.
Don't take me wrong, I hold no grudge,
finally released from my bodily bind.
The ocean swallows me whole,
no intent of swimming, or trying to live.
From my body, soon released is my soul.
I'm finally done, all I ever did was give.
The demons of Hell, it's me that they call.
Into the outstreched arms of the devil I fall.

Comments on "Demons of Hell"
Posted by Colebunny55 on August 01, 2012
I love this ! c: This is amazing. I totally feel the scene and I can picture it.