Title:  My Life

Author:   abc3096
Category:   Life
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My Life
My life is a book.
With all the editing.
And the stress that comes with making it.
My life a book.
Every event is a chapter.
And every chapter brings me closer to the end.
But, I just have to enjoy the ride and let the fun begin.
Years later, I pull the dusty book off the shelf.
As I flip through I think of you, of us, and then me.
You are such a significant part of my life.
Then I think of us and all the struggles we've been through to get here.
Then there's me, and I am so extremely proud of where I am
Slowly I put the book back on the shelf sad that it ended but, happy to start a new one

Comments on "My Life"
Posted by RianPitan on August 23, 2012
This poem is so sincere and real...I love it! Keep writing, please.