Title:  Can't tell.

Author:   supineplath
Category:   Personal
Keywords:  crazy suspicions

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of course you know I miss you, or do you?
while I sit alone I think of you and where you are.
I bet you're sitting alone wondering if I miss you.
for years I thought I'd be the one to stand behind you
and never leave you, despite the miles apart.
now I'm tangled in such a life that your too far away.
am I so wrong to live this life in a way that means less you?
it wasn't my choice to take you there or let you be your unfortunate you.
but now I sit and wonder how I could do such a thing to you.
if I were only in your position would you sit and wonder too?
would you write me as I sit in silence and seek out an impossible view?
would you visit me and drive for miles just to say how do you do?
can you see me in a few years without these crazy suspicions?
or would you believe in me and a new future that has never or could never be.

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