Title:  PAL 101

Author:   fostercare
Category:   Inspirational
Keywords:  Graduate School

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Entered a room of learning.
One by one, entered other beings.
A mobilizing force compelling them to be here.
An exercising power preventing them from leaving.

Leader, introduction please.
A group session of listening,
An orientation laid before them.
A consultation; Who will be the gem?

Social learning, are you amused?
Adaptive work, what persistence!
What does it mean to be confused?
Group dynamics struggling to be consistent.

Fearing purpose equals a task,
And work equals a ponderous,
Sensing an environment of avoidance.
Guiding an intervention under the mask.

In managing chaos and conflict,
Group resources are drawn upon.
To over come the boundaries, so complex.
An inspiration to creating and shaping the future.

To go forward safe from assassination?
Wanting leadership from an authority to last,
Staying alive awaiting a partnership for action.
Inward summarizing: a movement beyond the past?

December 12, 1996

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