Title:  Paranoia/Paradox

Author:   AuraofConfusion
Category:   Weird
Keywords:  Paradox, Fear, Paranoia, Mental

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Head on the prize
Face in the ground
Sucking on roots
Fearing the dawn
The sun and moon
And the stars.
Worms in ears
Dirt in eyes
Where is up,
and down,
What is above?
Can't see far
Ahead lies truth
But below is fear
It's so clear
So blissfully clear
Naked eye wanders
Through underground
Catacombs unsearched
Lit by paranoia
Clamber for facts
Absorb the Earth
Eyes side-to-side swipe
View the unknown
Wrap your mind around
The darkness of fear
Paranoia agent, false friend
In quiet uniform
Pull your head out
Pull it out
Pull away
Or burn in the bright and burning

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