Title:  IT

Author:   K-Dalton
Category:   Spiritual
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It's not the way we're controlled
It's the vision I see inside my soul
It's the look in the eye of a new born child-comming into this world with a peaceful smile

It's not the fighting abroad
It's the living I do inside my yard
It's something more than us
It's bigger than the world and the life we trust
It's the way we talk to each other-When we fight about things before we discover

It's not the way that we live
It's the living we do and the love that we give
It's the way we take and we take - If we never give back we're all gonna break

It's not the money you see
It's the way that we are and the way that we'll be

Comments on "IT"
Posted by K-Dalton on August 08, 2012
Thanks..Appreciate the feed back !

Posted by piunik on August 05, 2012
Wow, a beautifully written poem that is so spot on to the undercurrents of the events happening now. Love it! Keep writing :)