Title:  Inside Me

Author:   fostercare
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Youth

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The screaming is deafening.
The overwhelming surge of energy,
I’m losing control, but;
Saving myself by not feeling is temporary.

Life is grand,
Goals are completing,
I’ve achieved beyond expectation,
Only to possibly lose.

Would not that fit the mold.
Disruption and chaos, hell and evil.
Tried as hard,
But succumbed by it all.

All the excuses,
All the reason,
All the more,
To plain come to pieces.

I just cannot try any more.
Emotions cause pain, pain causes hurt.
Hurt comes with anger,
Anger causes screaming energy.

Never to hurt,
Never to be evil,
Never to wrong,
Those you care for.

I love and hate my Mother.
I love and hate my Father.
I love and hate my Lover.
I love and hate myself.

Comments on "Inside Me"
Posted by gonepostal on April 27, 2012
i'm working backwards reading through the poems on your list from last to first. so far your poems haven't done much for me, but i assume they have been useful for you to create. and now you are sharing, which is generous. i wonder what your autobiographer would say about you. i like that some of your poems are dated. i hope your love for yourself and others overshadows the hate. best wishes to you.