Title:  Sleeping Stars

Author:   wonderlandwakeup
Category:   Family
Keywords:  Memories

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Is a Forgotten Land

Where memories dwell

And whispers that escape as winged dreams

Bring us to nostalgia

Despite the early golden morning

And The Jumper,

Who shone with a promise

He never meant to keep

Our story, his secrets,

Fill the air with a familiar sweetness

Vigilante, hearted darkness

Searching for a home.

Dotted with snow and the colors

That spill from The Jumper’s


There, in this Forgotten Land,

Is where our childhoods remain.

Where warmth and togetherness

Dance around a ledge,

With the threat of falling.

And The Jumper has arisen.

A fear and broken glass

That couldn’t be contained.

As lights flash and the streets of the Forgotten Land welcome us.

But The Jumper,

Well, his mind was made.

While smoke and liquid file into emptiness.

And we make the same promises,

Promising that we will be The Stained,

And the rest will become perfection,

Laid to rest in the Forgotten Land,

Where The Jumper’s soul remains.

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