Title:  A Middle Name

Author:   wonderlandwakeup
Category:   Angst
Keywords:  Memories, Loss, Love, Silence

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He's slipping away,
Running too far.
To the corner of two unknown streets
Where he says he belongs.

He's got the word "love" sliced into his
Left wrist,
Like nothing ever mattered.

And the people are preaching,
He won't hear a thing.
Keep on running, Kid.
Because it all feels the same.

Should have held his hand so
Much harder.
Just to cut off circulation.
Just so he'd stop bleeding.

The signs above his head,
They're flashing left out memories.
His mouth is stitched so tight,
Never to say a word.

He's got the word "love"
Sliced into his left wrist.
Like nothing ever mattered.

Like he knew why
He'd be missed.

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