Title:  Epitaph

Author:   AuraofConfusion
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  Suicide, Death, Mourning, Pain,

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Leatherbound and closed up on the corner nightstand
A few words for those dearly beloved
Under the matchbook cover
Behind the phone book ads
It all but does add up
A few words here and there
For those of us who care
A moment to spread it everywhere
A morning meal at the diner down the street
The waitress can't look you in the eye
You can't stir from your seat
The coffee beats your eyelids open
While you still lay in bed
Dreaming of the sunshine and rain
The mail that arrived but never came
Incensing the room in cologne and champagne
The bathtub is full and your appliances are out of reach
Your noose is hung but you can't get off your feet
Fill your nose with helium, and pass out on the couch
You cut your wrists but why is it what all the teens talk about?
Tears don't help the noise in your head
And drugs just hide the stains
Through the walls I heard your child
Crying for his crib
All I want is a friend
All I want is an escape
All I want is the truth
All I want is to hate
For those of you still listening, I'm glad you're still hear
I'm out of breath and tired and I can only be sincere. . .
Love and lose
Fight and bruise
Laugh and cry
Live to die
And forget the rest.
It's not really worth your time.

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