Title:  Complexity & Enjoyment

Author:   fostercare
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Life, Path

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I’m having a tremendous amount of fun.
When, oh when, I’m afraid it’ll be done.
The years passing since I’ve left hell.
Will they realize I’ve gone to be baptized in the well?

Yes, I’m growing,
Yes, each day
I’m a brighter because I’m a fighter.
But so much to learn and so little time.
Will the burden of life get lighter?

No, I just must learn; learn to climb.
I’ve succeeded according to all; but it’s hard to come this far and know I won’t go back.
I must keep my satisfaction at a smaller level.
And be happy with what I do lack.
Knowing that life can be clever.
The rewards delivered on different plans of fulfillment.

Trust your heart and mind.
For your soul is all of you, your being.
The why of whom you are.
The taste of life’s victory.
The warmth of the individual.
The time to share, to explore.
Just know pleasure is temporary and we all continue.

This is the time for your exit to renew and begin again anew.

To go forth to join the moutain whom bring forth a means of communication.

Thus building ones development based upon the pureness of lifes molecules.

I hug me, myself, I and smile.


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