Title:  I am broken

Author:   Chriscowa1
Category:   Angst
Keywords:  stagnant, angst, free, verse

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Sometimes I envy the insane
with their Unbreakable shells
while mine cracks like consiousness
till each feeling hides under a smile
I must dissapear
or vanish
or implode!

Hey can you tell me what to do?
Obviously I cant decide for myself
I cant move even though lack of motion
in this relationship
is why I am behind this pen
black like pain

I can be your paper
write what you want on me
just manipulate me into one thousand paper cranes
and I'll grant you your wish
But the paper has emotions
the paper wants a say in what it says
it just doesnt want to speak up for itself
because its
un-paper like

Why dont I yell for my own behalf
Wash off these painful tattoos
like an etch-a-sketch
and write your name on my back
so that you can use it as a target
or so that I forget whats behind me?

How many fucking reams of paper make up a forest?
Instead of writing poetry
I should just burn the forest down
so then I can take the ash and charcoal
and I can finally tell black and white

So stick that in your pipe and smoke it
Thats a joke, you'll die without the
lung cancer you're brewing
So instead of spewing your poisons
listen to the sound of that water
cause thatll solve all your problems
wash the ash away
with me stuck in it
deposit me in some compost bin
so that I an grow some feed
for the chicken Ive been

But what came first?
The chicken
or the egg
whose shell I'm still in?

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