Title:  He Is My Son

Author:   JJx2
Category:   Family
Keywords:  son

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He is my son not by blood or by birth
But chosen by me from everyone on Earth
Not all of my family considers him an equal part
Which shows education does not affect one’s heart

The high school for my family and he were the same
My father was concerned he’d tarnish our last name
It does make one bitter and at times even mad
but to see his non-acceptance was painstakingly sad

There are many limbs and branches on a family tree
For us we replanted starting with just him and me
Don’t think that our tree is empty or barren
It is alive and well with family we’ve chosen

While children are born to fathers and mothers
A Mom or Dad nurtures them further
He is my son not conceived from the start
For he was born from the love deep in my heart.

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