Title:  It's a Wonderful Life

Author:   JJx2
Category:   Family
Keywords:  Life

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A boy is born unbeknownst to me
We’re not destined to meet until he’s almost three
Our lives brought together many say it was fate
or good things come to those who wait.

Two separate paths were followed so very different for each
His hard and troubled while I walked the beach.
Behind the big smile and those blue eyes so bright
Are masked tell tale signs of his personal plight.

Somehow we’re able to help each get up off the mat
Whenever we’ve stumbled and fallen down flat
Our emotional bond so strong and so thick
A strange odd pair that amazingly clicks.

We’ve accomplished a lot to have come this far
metaphorically speaking we’ve reached our own star
Many tribulations, and trials have caused us much strife
but just like the movie it’s a wonderful life.

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