Title:  I. Will. Think. Twice

Author:   summershutterbug
Category:   Life
Keywords:  memories, life, love

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Like the sound of calming waters and the shimmer of the sea
It’s the way that I remember you. and. me.
I hear the echoes of the cries that haunt me in the night
I bring your picture to the light and hold it tight.
All of our memories will never die.
Someday I’ll see the meaning to this life.
Until that day I wanna say…
Everything that you tried to teach me
All the days you made me smile
Everything that you had loved
And every fight that you had fought
I. Will. Think. Twice.
About me of you in this life.
- Dedicated to my sister Claire Rose ♥

Comments on "I. Will. Think. Twice"
Posted by summershutterbug on September 07, 2012
Thank you!

Posted by hugheson on September 05, 2012
very lovely and very beautiful