Title:  Harmonic Discrepancies

Author:   Frivolous Treasures
Category:   Politics
Keywords:  politics, war, business, government

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invariably long speeches
full of thoughts
empty of ideas
to improve a failing nation
with harmonic discrepancies
platformed and supported by
blood painted canvases
framed by the wailing
of those inflicted with
the disease of war and politics
- the necessary evils -
no second thought
emanates from those wasteful
vain men and women
no. no second thought
emanates to empathize the eternal
sadness wrought by their selfish actions
this son of a dead man
is brought to you by
the politicians and CEOS
(sick warmongers)
in Armani suits and Rolexes
who seem to walk out of time
and they will send him
to the same fate as his father
never fully understanding
the complex waves of emotion
overriding and rolling over neural thoughts
just another face
just another body
just another life
now just another number
pitifully printed nameless
in wasteful
paper news

Comments on "Harmonic Discrepancies"
Posted by ilerlily on October 09, 2012
Great free-flowing imagery and intensity.