Title:  Color turns to Grey

Author:   summershutterbug
Category:   Life
Keywords:  life

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He remembered back to those days.
When his life was only color and never grey.
I suppose we all fall down with our spirits falling through the ground.
It’s only natural, as you know, we’re only human; so this is so.

How much we love color.
Everyone must have a secret yearning for it.
The color of life, love, and happiness.
Success and good luck, wonderful days, and good health.
“Ah yes, it’s a meaningful life,” we all say.
When we have a little color coming our way.

But when this color has turned to grey.
Like it did for him that day.
Reality comes true and the fantasy of color fades to grey.
“It’s so fake,” he complains.
“They walk and talk as if nothing is off beam.”
“They don’t see the real world, all the sorrow and pain, because their blinded behind the glow of the colors of the rainbow.”

You can’t blame him.
We have all been there at some point.
We can’t get past the sorrows of life and our own miserable strife.
I guess this is what always happens to mankind.
When color turns to grey.

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