Title:  Music of the Soul

Author:   summershutterbug
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  music, feelings

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I hear the music in my mind.
I know the music deep inside.
My heart plays music.
My mind accepts it openly.
Anything my body wants.
It all obeys for the music of my soul.

My soul thirsts for the music.
It needs the melody of it to live.
Different kinds of music for different kinds of moods.
The music makes these feelings real.
It touches the spot most other things cannot.
It touches the heart of the soul.

All in obeying the master of the human body.
The music of the soul.
-For my love of music

Comments on "Music of the Soul"
Posted by supineplath on September 30, 2012
This is amazing, and exactly how I feel about music myself. What else can give you goosebumps out of nowhere? I love that feeling.