Title:  Consolations After Dark

Author:   mherrmann14
Category:   Life
Keywords:  love, hope, longing, life

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He is calling for his love,
But will never find her light,
Is it just an illusion?

His glow sustaining all life below,
But can only dream of her warmth
With so much to give and nothing to receive,
She prefers to be around
A different body,
But he knows none can
Phase her like he.

Her light is a mere reflection of himself
And her beauty depends on his radiance,
As well as the life below.

His task is for he alone,
To be fixed, never to move,
He can only observe
The life he has created.

Never to touch,
Never to feel,
Just longing to be like them.

Comments on "Consolations After Dark"
Posted by Heart and Soul on September 12, 2012
This is an amazing poem that makes you think about how love is like dark and light. I find this amazing and it touches my soul....

Posted by SilverFern on September 12, 2012
This is such a beautiful poem! It's gentle imagery of darkness and the concept of an illusion just draws you in...and the emotions are so vivid and powerful! It stays with you long after you finish reading...